The residents of a nursing home fight back against two criminal orderlies taking advantage of their position.
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The Rusty Years

A synopsis:

Miriam is 70ish, active and independent.  Two thugs, Jimmy and Rocco, break into her home, rob and beat her so severely her hospital bills cost her everything.  Besides the physical damage, there is an emotional cost.  Miriamís self-confidence is shattered, her independence lost and her lust for life gone.  She has no choice; Miriam has to move into a Senior Citizens Nursing Home. Depressed by the hopelessness of the place, Miriam watches as the elderly shuffle in the front door and inevitably roll out the back door and into a black hearse. She is horrified to discover that Jimmy and Rocco work for the home as orderlies.  When he discovers that Miriam is living in the home, Jimmy threatens to kill her if she talks or calls the police.  Miriam is totally terrorized but Rocco wants a more secure and less risky solution.  He wants to slip her enough PCP to fry her brain and cause Alzheimer like dementia, a fate they used before when John, a resident of the home, discovered them stealing pain pills. Harry, 70ís, is Johnís best friend and still visits John in the secured wing of the old folks home.  Harry falls for Miriam at once, but Miriam has to start recovering her old self-confidence before she can believe in a second chance at life and love.  This is the story of how Miriam and Harry fall in love, and with the help of the old folks at the home, overcome Jimmy and Roccoís evil plan and cheat the hearse at the back door.



Help!  We need a location.  If you are an old folks homes and can let us film at your location please contact me at 818-833-8208  or

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